What to expect from indica cannabis strains?

Written by on 16 February, 2021

When it comes to choosing a cannabis strain to smoke or grow in your garden or closet, indica strains are without a doubt a fantastic option to consider.

Luckily, in the cannabis market there are many strains with these genetics, so, you will have the possibility to choose your favorite one.

Are you interested in an indica flower? Keep reading this post, this time; we will talk about what you can expect from these strains.

A relaxing trip

Unlike sativa strains, which are considered “action-packed”, indica flowers are perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Don’t wait any longer and roll up a nice joint with some indica strain, and get down to watch a movie, listen to music or spend some quiet time with your friends.

Night use

Some indicas are heavier than others are, and generally, these cannabis flowers are considered as night strains.

You see, the effect produced by this plant is more “body”, and even a small dose can envelop you in a total tranquility that contributes to stoners staying at ease perfectly anchored to the couch.

For such reasons, this flower is ideal to help you go to sleep or during a day when you don’t have anything important to do.

Short flowers

Cannabis growers who plant these strains can expect to encounter short, bush-like flowers with large, broad leaves.

These plants generally have faster flowering cycles than sativas and tend to be a cooler climate species.


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