What strains of marijuana are recommended for guerrilla growing

Written by on 4 May, 2022

Guerrilla growing basically consists in planting marijuana outdoors in a secret way, in a place that is not easy to find. This technique is perfect for those who cannot grow at home.

After you have chosen the ideal place to set up your plantation, either in a forest or in less frequented places, it is appropriate to choose the most suitable cannabis strain for this type of growing.

Cannabis strains that do not grow much and that mature early are generally ideal for growing in this way. These will be easier to conceal. It is also advisable to choose cannabis plants that are characterized by being hardy.

It is advisable to grow autoflowering marijuana strains because of their fast growth and small size. Also, make sure that the strain you choose is also resistant to fungi and pests.

Marijuana strains ideal for guerrilla growing

Lemon Wonder Automatic

Lemon Wonder Automatic, from Zamnesia Seeds, is an option to consider if you are looking to set up your guerrilla grow. This plant develops super large, compact buds in 8 weeks. And the plants do not exceed 80 cm in height.

This strain is easy to conceal, perfect for keeping it discreet without affecting the taste, aroma or potency.

Northern Light

What makes this indica (feminized) strain from Royal Queen Seeds ideal for guerrilla growing is that it is robust and doesn’t need much care.

Given enough sunlight and a pleasant temperature this strain is capable of rewarding you with a very good yield of quality buds (up to 625g per plant). Flowering is completed after 8-9 weeks.

Quick One

This marijuana plant, from Royal Queen Seeds, is a marijuana strain that does not usually exceed 50-60 cm in height, which makes it a particularly ideal strain for guerrilla growing.

This indica-dominant autoflowering has a life cycle of 8 weeks, from seed to harvest, perfect for finishing as soon as possible.



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