What strains are recommended for vertical marijuana growing? 

Written by on 7 March, 2022

Vertical growing is an innovative alternative to grow cannabis that allows you to save space, as well as it can help you to improve your production because in smaller areas you will be able to place more plants.

Vertical marijuana growing consists of stacking cannabis strains vertically (one on top of the other) on special shelves.

Since with this type of growing the aim is to maximize space and grow as many plants as possible, the choice of the strain is a key factor for this type of plantation.

Taking into account the height that some marijuana strains can reach, you should know that not all cannabis strains are recommended for vertical growing.

It is important to make sure that the maximum height of the plant you choose does not get too close to or exceed the available space.

Indica-dominant cannabis strains or hybrids are perhaps the best options you can look for, as these plants are more adapted to this type of growth than the tall sativa ones.

Another of the characteristics that you should take into account when choosing a strain for your vertical growing is precise that they are fast flowering plants, in this case, autoflowering marijuana is a very good alternative.

It is also a good idea to opt for disease-resistant strains, as this is usually a common threat in vertical growing.

In this sense, remember to choose genetics with moderate growth, and that does not stretch too much in height, such as the Bubba Kush strain, from Dinafem Seeds. This plant is compact, perfect for small spaces. The Bubba Kush has a THC level of about 18% and the effect it produces is analgesic and long-lasting.

This indica dominant strain is a drought-resistant plant with a short flowering time (between 60 and 65 days) and the good thing is that it is suitable even for novice growers.

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