What is hybrid marijuana?

Written by on 2 October, 2020

In the cannabic world a great amount of strains of marijuana exists which vary in size, flavors, smells, effect, levels of THC or other cannabinoids like the CBD.

Many users of cannabis are interested in Sativa strains, looking to enjoy their characteristics, but others also opt for the Indica. If you are one of those who likes both varieties, how about opting for a hybrid variety, you do not know what it is; well do not worry that we will tell you immediately.

Hybrid marijuana

Nowadays many seed banks and breeders have given themselves the task of combining two or more strains, to give rise to new plants with certain characteristics.

In this sense, hybrid cannabis is the result of crossing pure strains or other hybrids to create a new variety of marijuana.

One of the most popular varieties of hybrid cannabis and moreover, one of the first to be hybridized was the strain baptized the name as Skunk, surely you had already heard it.

Currently, many varieties have been crossed, which can combine the best of the world Sativa and Indica. The successful hybrids inherit the best qualities of their parents.

Types of hybrid marijuana

Generally, we can say that the types of hybrid varieties are:

– Indica X Índica: are those strains whose genetics is derived from the combination of two of Índica varieties.

– Sativa X Sativa: In this case, it is the crossing of two strains Sativa.

– Indica X Sativa: this is a variety of hybrid marijuana dominantly Indica. This strain has characteristics of both plants, being the Indica the most manifested.

– Sativa X Indica: it is a variety dominantly Sativa.

In some cases, there are varieties of cannabis that could come to have a balance that is to say that they can be 50 % Indica and 50 % Sativa.

– We can also find the hybrids autoflowering the plants Indica or Sativa crossed with Ruderalis. These plants do not depend on the photoperiod to flower.

What characteristics have the hybrid varieties?

The characteristics of the strains of hybrid cannabis can be very diverse, because everything depends on its genetics and other factors such as the environment.

In some cases, two plants coming from the same crossing can have different qualities, even if they have the same genetics coming from the same descendants.


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