What are the best marijuana strains to grow on a balcony?

Written by on 28 August, 2021

If your house has a balcony, take advantage of this space to set up your marijuana growing. If you give your plants the care they need, you will be rewarded with good harvests.

To start planting your marijuana on a balcony you must choose the most suitable marijuana genetics.

You must know the characteristics of cannabis strains. The sativas for example usually reach a larger size than the indices. If you have a small space, the latter is a better option.

Another alternative that can work on a balcony is to grow auto-flowering cannabis strains, as they tend to reach a smaller size than photoperiodic varieties. Which makes them perfect if you are looking for discretion. When growing on a balcony, make sure your flowers get enough light.

Ideal cannabis strains for growing on a balcony

1- Gelato Auto (Fast Buds)

Any grower will be delighted with this cannabis strain. This plant has a robust Indica-like structure, thus making it ideal for growing anywhere. Each of its flowers can contain a THC level of up to 26%. Outdoors, can offer harvests of 50-200 g/plant.

2- Ayahuasca Purple (Barneys Farm)

This indica variety will immerse you in a relaxing trip thanks to its 21% of THC. It has a compact structure and small size, ideal for those growers who prefer to be discreet. The smell and taste are great, mixing notes of fresh hazelnuts with papaya.

3- Diesel Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

This plant has a THC level of 15%, enough to produce a powerful, lucid, and concentrated effect. The Diesel Automatic produces a soft smoke which you will notice citrus notes mixed with hints of Diesel.

It does not exceed 80cm in height and will be ready in 8 weeks, and in the right conditions it can produce up to 110g per plant.




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