Wedding Cake: an indica dominant strain with high THC levels

Written by on 9 February, 2021

Every smoker has a favorite type of cannabis; there are those who prefer sativa strains, while others opt for a relaxing indica. If you are one of the latter, then this post is for you.

Stay with us, we will introduce you to an indica-dominant strain attractive enough to stand out among the cannabis community. We are talking about Wedding Cake, from Zamnesia Seeds, a flower loaded with great flavors and high THC levels for an amazing 420 session.


The genetics of this potent strain combine flowers like Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Once you know all the qualities this strain has to offer, you will surely run out and get this strain. Its flavor profile is very delicious, mixing a touch of sweet, woody, blueberry and spices.

The high THC levels will make you fall in love with it approximately 22 to 25% of this cannabinoid. Its effect is pleasant and relaxing.


Although planting the Wedding Cake strain is not complicated, it is ideal to have some experience. Regardless, it is a perfect choice to consider.

This feminized cannabis flower when planted indoors with 600W light, can reward you with yields of up to 450g/m², after a short flowering period of 9 weeks. Outdoors she can produce harvests of up to 500g per plant, which will be ready in mid-October.

Auto version

As if that were not enough, this great, variety also has its autoflowering version. This plant is very faithful to the original, only with some variations. It comes from the same genetics, but mixed with ruderalis genes, which makes it a robust and resistant flower.

Indoors you can expect a production of about 450-500g/m², while outdoors it offers a yield of about 60-150g per plant.

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