Varieties ideal for growing on a balcony or terrace

Written by on 22 June, 2020

If you don’t have a big space to start your cannabis growing, don’t worry, if your house has a balcony or terrace, this is also a good place.

Just choose a variety that is suitable, in this case, strains with autoflowering genetics are great, precisely because they grow in smaller than photoperiodic strains and bloom quickly.

Take note of some varieties that are ideal for growing on balconies or terraces:

1- Auto Duck by Dutch Passion

This variety is discreet, has little smell and its leaves are usually different from the usual ones. Therefore, if you want to grow it on your balcony it can go unnoticed.

The Auto Duck is the auto-flowering version of the Frisian Duck. Thanks to its genetics inherited from the White Widow, it will give you a powerful effect. It will be ready in approximately 85 days.

2- Quick One from Royal Queen Seeds

Of this variety you will have no complaints, its flowering period is really fast, is only 9 weeks and its height can reach 50-60cm maximum. It also has a yield of about 45g per plant.

It has 13% THC, will give you an indica effect and a smoke smells like lime.

3- Diesel Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds

This is the automatic version of the Diesel. This variety produces a smooth smoke in which you will notice citrus notes mixed with hints of Diesel. They have a THC level of 15%, enough to cause a powerful effect.

It does not exceed 80cm in height and in 8 weeks, it will be ready. In addition, under the right conditions it can produce up to 110g per plant.

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