TOP 5! Fruit Varieties

Written by on 12 April, 2020

Marijuana plants have a wide variety of aromas and flavors, varying in quality and potency. Each cannabis strain has its own specific range of flavours and smells.

In the following post, we present the 5 fruity varieties you should try and have at home.

TOP 5:


  1. Pineapple Kush, comes from the Super Bud. The genes of this hybrid include a range of tropical sativas from all over the world. A strain where sweet pineapple and tropical flavours dominate the flavour spectrum. The high is euphoric and lively, ideal for those laughs, lying on the couch with a few friends.


  1. Somango XL, is a hybrid variety from the breeders of Soma Seeds, a 75% Indica. The name comes from its mango flavor, enhanced with touches of floral aromas. The high is very cerebral, allowing creative minds to relax and enjoy a focused and productive session.


  1. Haze Berry, is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Blueberry, an 80% sativa hybrid with a sweet berry flavour. This strain is very potent and usually contains more than 20% THC. Haze Berry starts with a euphoric high ideal for creative people, and then produces a feeling of total relaxation.


  1. Lemon Shining Silver Haze, is a sativa with strong citrus aromas. It is rich in THC, between 15 and 20%. This variety is a gem for smokers, with a rich, smooth smoke that goes down like silk. A great herb to smoke during the day, lively and revitalizing, it gives you strength to face your next task.


  1. Fruit Spirit, is a 60% sativa-dominant hybrid created by Royal Queen Seeds by crossing Blueberry and White Widow. The aromas are quite complex: wood and pepper with a blueberry background. This variety has a creative effect that creates a good vibe when you get together with friends or meet new people.


Choose today’s 4/20 fruity strain for an amazing and creative high.

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