TOP 5: Cannabis Strains that help you MEDITATE in 2020

Written by on 14 April, 2020

Mediation is a special tool for relieving stress, it is a way for you to reach your inner peace.

Also when we are in the practice of meditation, cannabis can help us to reach the right mentality, and for those who have more experience, it takes them to a new level. This means that weed is the key to a new understanding of the self, the universe and God.

Know the best strains that can help you meditate peacefully!



1) White Widow: Thanks to its effects on the creativity in our mind, it offers a pleasant, yet energizing, cerebral high. It not only encourages you to connect with others but with your mind and the universe around you. After all, meditation is all about feeling connected to your mind and the outside world.

2) Royal Cookies: The effects of Royal Cookies go beyond their sweet, earthy taste. This strain not only raises your mind to a state of euphoria but also provides deep physical relaxation. It’s special for meditation.

3) Blue Mystic: Another indica very suitable for meditation. Not only relaxes body and mind, but it also provides inspiration and relieves any stress you suffer. In addition, it is ideal for fighting insomnia and fatigue and has a delicious aroma of blueberries. With a few puffs of Blue Mystic, all your aches and pains will disappear.

4) Flubber: This strain is a powerful indica that is famous for giving the body a “Flubber-y” incredibly relaxing high. The medicinal use of this strain is also associated with anxiety or difficulty calming the brain, making it perfect for an evening of mantra meditation.

5) Hindu Kush: This strain cannot be missing from this important list. Hindu Kush is another pure Indica strain that has an earthy taste and sweet aromas. It also helps to relieve pain, which includes both headaches and migraines. This pain relief in the mind will help the individual to be more aware of his environment and his contact with the universe.

Start MEDITATING with any of these rich strains!

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