Top 3 of the best compact marijuana strains

Written by on 19 November, 2021

Regardless of whether you prefer to grow indoors or outdoors, one of the excellent options for cannabis plantations are those strains that offer us a low profile, that is to say, that due to their genetics, we can categorize them as perfect strains to maintain discretion.

In this article we will provide you with a list of the best marijuana strains of this type, which also produce growing with huge buds, without attracting too much attention. These plants will be very useful, especially if you do not master the techniques to control their growth.

1) Moscow Blueberry by Kalashnikov Seeds

This cannabis strain is perfect for keeping your grow totally under wraps, and it’s also easy to grow. The Moscow Blueberry of Kalashnikov Seeds comes from the combination between the original Blueberry and the AK-47, (it is a hybrid with indica predominance).

As for its size, the mature varieties grow approximately up to 1m in height maximum, and physically develops flowers of purple tones at the end of flowering.

This plant is very attractive, not only for the sweet and fruity taste of its buds, but also for its effects, as it contains 18% THC and 5% CBD, pleasant for those seeking recreational or medicinal purposes.

2) Pyramid Seeds Auto Anesthesia

Auto Anesthesia is genetically quite compact and is also ideal if you are looking to get a harvest that doesn’t take too long and maintains quality; this plant usually takes about nine weeks from planting to harvest.

This cannabis strain is the product of a combination of Black Domina and Northern Lights (and a bit of ruderalis), whose THC content is around 17%.

With regard to its size and physique, it does not regularly exceed one meter in height and its buds turn lime green with orange hairs and shiny trichomes in the last weeks of flowering.

3) Black Bomb by Philosopher Seeds

This plant has an indica predominance, and is the result of the crossing between Black Domina and the sweet Tropimango, which blooms rather quickly, offering very productive buds.

For the discreet growers, it suits them like a glove, because this strain reaches a maximum height of one meter, and also offers a pleasant and sedative high.

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