Top 3 of energizing and stimulating cannabis varieties

Written by on 10 January, 2021

Marijuana is a wonderful plant capable of offering a diversity of psychoactive effects for all tastes.

The indica strains are generally associated with the relaxing effects, while the sativas with those energizing and stimulating effects. If you prefer the latter, you are reading the post indicated for you, because here we will present you a top 3 varieties of marijuana with these characteristics, with which you will be able to have a fantastic 420 session.

1) Chocolate Fondue- DNA Genetics

Chocolate Fondue is a hybrid marijuana strain, the result of the cross between the Chocolope strain and the Exodus UK Cheese, which give it unique characteristics.

You have no excuse! Light up your joint with this Mary Jane to experience the diversity of its effects, including a mentally stimulating and fun effect, and to enjoy its excellent combination of terpenes.

2) Jamaican Dream- Eva seeds

The seed bank Eva seeds, has for you a strain of marijuana that just by hearing its name you will love, it is the Jamaican Dream.

This plant, mostly sativa, offers you a powerful and active effect, energetic, very funny, and of course perfect for meetings between friends and creative use. Its content of THC is between 17-21%, figures not negligible at all.

3) Franco’s Lemon Cheese- Greenhouse Seeds

When you are looking for a strain with energizing effects, Franco’s Lemon Cheese from Greenhouse Seeds can’t be missing from your list.

This hybrid strain comes from the cross between the Super Lemon Haze and the Exodus Cheese. Because of this combination, this strain, dominantly sativa can reward you with a production of up to 750 gr/m2 in indoor growing.

It’s delicious aroma and taste of lemon with some delicious notes of cheddar cheese will fascinate you, and what to say about the very powerful, social and energizing high that it causes. Its content of THC is around 21.

Choose one of these flowers and have a good smoke!



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