Top 3 feminized marijuana strains for outdoor growing

Written by on 8 August, 2020

If you are a grower who prefers outdoor plantings and you are looking for a marijuana strain to plant in this environment, you are reading the right post. In this post, we will introduce you to a top 3 feminized cannabis strain that can be grown outdoors.

1) Gelato (Zamnesia Seeds)

The Gelato whose THC levels are 26%, is a light variety with genes mostly indica, which is able to adapt well to plantations carried out outdoors, there this strain offers abundant harvests of up to 400g per plant.

2) Fast Eddy Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

For those looking for a plant that can be harvested in a short time, this is definitely an excellent option. In addition, this strain with a slight sativa dominance and a THC of 9%, can produce outdoors up to 130g per plant.

3) Super Silver Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

This strain, descended from Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights, grows to medium size in outdoor plantations, and is usually very easy to manage. As for their outdoor production, they can offer at least 550g per plant.

The Super Silver Haze can be harvested in October, after a flowering phase of 9-10 weeks.





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