Top 3 auto-flowering cannabis varieties

Written by on 17 August, 2020

In the cannabis world there is a great variety of strains, among them are the autoflowering ones, a type of marijuana that can offer you great advantages since they are characterized by being easy to cultivate and fast growing plants.

Without further ado, here we will present you a top 3 of some of these strains, so take a look at this note.

1- Auto Whiteberry

Paradise Seeds’ Auto Whiteberry strain is the automatic version of the White Berry. The result is a dominant Indica plant that will give you a delicious taste of blueberries and pines. Its effect ranges from a happy sativa high to a relaxing body high.

Growing Aspects

 This variety is characterized by reaching a height of about 75 cm, indoors is perfect especially if you have little space to grow them.

The Auto Whiteberry will reward you with dense buds, covered with a resin that shines through the trichomes.

Outdoors it produces about 50g per plant, while indoors it has a yield of up to 350g/m².

An easy to grow strain that indoors will be ready in 63 days from planting, while outdoors it can take around 65 days.

2- Red Poison Auto         

The Red Poison Auto strain from Sweet Seeds is a strain that is characterized by ruderalis, indica and sativa genes.

Taste and aroma

This strain offers consumers very intense, pleasant, sweet and fruity aromas and flavors, with a light touch of Skunk.


This hybrid variety develops compact buds full of resin.  In addition, with this silver you can expect a production of 400 to 550g/m² indoors, while outdoors you can get a yield of 35 to 175 g/plant.

3- Sticky Beast Automatic

Among the varieties of autoflowering cannabis, no doubt, the Sticky Beast Automatic (feminized) from Zamnesia Seeds is a strain that will offer a unique experience, powerful and delicious taste.

This plant has an enviable genetic origin, because it is created from some of the most popular strains among the cannabis community, we are talking about the famous Bubble Gum, OG Kush, and Critical Auto, from which, the Sticky Beast inherits qualities.

From Bubble Gum, comes the sweet taste of Sticky Beast, from OG Kush, inherits its powerful and long lasting effect, from Critical Auto, develops its auto-flowering potential, and contains a THC content of about 16 to 18%.


For novice growers, this strain is sure to catch their attention, as it is very easy to grow. Its complete life cycle from seed to harvest takes only 8 weeks.

Indoors this plant can reach a height of approximately 40 to 80cm, and in optimal conditions will produce up to 400 g/m². Outdoors it reaches a height of 60-100cm, and the yield it offers is 120-170g of dried buds per plant.

























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