The Best Strains for a Movie Weekend

Written by on 16 May, 2020

Today, we recommend the strains that go like a glove for a weekend snuggled up with a bong and in good company. Get ready! To immerse yourself in another world.

From time to time, a quiet night is very necessary, especially if you are always in tension and when the time finally comes to sit down and relax for the rest of the night, you are ready to watch a good movie, lie down in bed and smoke divinely.

All you have to do is choose the right movie and the right strain to go with it.

We chose what you need, so you’ll spend less time deciding and more time getting high.

1- Comedies are full of laughter, crazy and funny moments. If you want to laugh non-stop, there’s nothing better than Kosher Kush, a great indica hybrid that hits hard, containing up to 22% THC. It will give you explosive feelings of euphoria, which is what makes it an ideal strain for this particular genre.

2- In the drama, you will see how the characters develop and interact with each other frequently. If you decide on a film of this type, you will undoubtedly need a strain that relaxes you, and for this purpose, Blue Cheese appears. This powerful hybrid produces a delicious aroma with both a fruity and earthy taste. When the drama gets more intense, this strain will make you relax and not leave your seat.

3- Terror of course, is terrifying with a lot of scary stuff. However, that’s precisely what makes them exciting. Therefore, to watch a scary movie, you need a strain that calms you down, that’s where Ogre comes in, this Indian hybrid, besides relieving stress and anxiety, will knock you out and induce a deep sleep and high at the end of a scary night.

4- The action, movies that have a lot to offer. They feature dangerous scenes and heroic rescues. Your best bet for action is Green Crack. This well-balanced hybrid will keep you energized and ready for anything. This strain will keep your eyes glued to the TV.

5-  The adventures mostly appear exotic locations, stories, and experiences that are out of the ordinary. If you want to live the adventure, turn on a joint of Hawaii Maui Waui. This sativa-dominant strain, with its island inspired taste and tropical appearance, is super stimulating. It will keep you motivated and help you stay active without getting too high.

What will be the perfect 420 duo for this weekend?


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