The best marijuana strains to grow in small spaces

Written by on 24 October, 2022

Many are the people who manage to successfully grow their marijuana plants in small indoor rooms. Growing in small spaces offers several advantages, one of which is that it allows you to be more discreet.

If you find the right strains for your type of plantation, you are likely to obtain satisfactory results. If your growing space is small, it is best to choose strains of short stature. Compact autoflowering indica seeds are likely to be a very good choice.

Take note of some marijuana strains, from Dutch Passion, perfect for growing in small spaces:

Auto Banana Blaze 

This is a high-quality autoflowering indica strain. Auto Banana Blaze seeds grow with a low and compact Christmas tree structure.

This small cannabis plant takes approximately 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Its creamy, sweet, fruity and tropical aroma will catch your attention.

Auto Banana Blaze is perfect for those who are looking for a solid, short, high-yielding strain that produces dense, hard buds with a potent indica effect.

Kerosene Krash 

If you grow this cannabis strain, in addition to having a low and compact indica variety you will also enjoy a potent plant. This strain can reach up to 25% THC, even more.

Kerosene Krash can reach a height of approximately 50 to 75 cm. If you want to keep your cannabis plants low you can choose to prune them. This strain takes about 8 weeks to flower.

Auto Blackberry Kush 

This strain is a real beauty. Many of the plants have shades of deep blue and deep purple, especially when grown in cool flowering conditions. Its buds are compact and resinous.

This autoflowering is fast, some strains can be harvested between 8 and 9 weeks after germination.

The height that these varieties reach is approximately between 50 and 75 cm, which makes them fantastic to plant in the smallest grow-rooms.


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