The best classic marijuana strains you should grow 

Written by on 14 April, 2022

There are marijuana strains that have gone down in history and have remained among the favorite strains of stoners for their great characteristics and incomparable traits.

If you want to grow this type of marijuana, here we will present you with a top 3 classic cannabis strains (from Zamnesia Seeds) perfect to sow on your plantation.

1- Blueberry 

This marijuana strain is a true classic. Its indica dominance offers potency and incredible fruity flavors. This plant is produced by crossing Purple Thai and Thai.

The Blueberry strain has a THC content of 18%. When smoked you will feel a full-body relaxation.

This strain is a great choice for both novice and experienced growers as it is not a demanding plant. It takes only 8-9 weeks to flower.

2- Northern Lights

This strain is a classic that has won the hearts of many growers and smokers for years. Northern Lights produces small and compact flowers full of resin-rich in terpenes.

The relaxing and euphoric effect produced by this plant has won its awards. The sensation produced by this variety is ideal for those stressful moments.

When grown indoors, this plant will reward you with a production of 500g/m² and the plants will reach a height of 120cm. Outdoors it reaches a maximum height of 2,5m and produces abundant harvests.

3- Sour Diesel 

This is a variety of sativa dominance with compact flowers and loaded with THC. The Sour Diesel is characterized by its acid, spicy, and diesel flavors. When consuming this plant you will feel a fierce sativa high, you will feel productive.

Sour Diesel is usually recommended for more experienced growers. Indoors you can expect yields of 450-600g/m², while outdoors it produces medium yields.


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