The 3 best auto-flowering strains to grow outdoors

Written by on 17 August, 2021

Growing auto-flowering marijuana outdoors is an excellent alternative for those growers who wish to obtain faster harvests.

Also, for those who prefer to be discreet in their outdoor planting, these flowers come in handy as they usually do not grow too much.

Do you want to grow auto-flowering marijuana in your garden or terrace? Then here are some strains you can choose.

Auto Blueberry by Dutch Passion

The Auto Blueberry cannabis strain is characterized by being robust, perfect for beginners or experienced growers.

You will fall in love with its potent buds with a penetrating and tasty Blueberry terpene profile. This flower will be ready to harvest in as little as 2 months. In the garden or a pot, it adapts very well.

When planting this strain, be sure to place it in a very sunny area, as this will benefit the final size of the plant and the quality of the buds. The Auto Blueberry strain will give you a potent high with a relaxing body high.

OG Kush Auto by Humboldt Seeds

It is an ideal flower for growers with little space or for those who like to be discreet. On a simple balcony, this plant produces a good harvest of resinous buds in about 75 days.

This automatic version maintains the taste of its predecessor, that mixture of oil and citrus with a spicy touch incredible. Its effect produces a powerful, physical and long-lasting high, although it offers a subtle cerebral effect.

Lemon Juice Express Auto of Humboldt Seeds

Perfect for Haze lovers. This flower is the result of crossing the legendary Jack Herer and a Haze Auto.

For those growers who do not have much time for growing because it completes its cycle only 65-70 days.

The Lemon Juice Express has a fantastic aroma and taste, with a predominance of lemon. Its intense and long-lasting effect is stimulating, lucid, and cerebral.


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