Sticky Beast Automatic: a strain with great taste and power

Written by on 19 July, 2020

If you are looking for an auto-flowering strain to grow or just a good strain to enjoy, the Sticky Beast Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds (feminized) is probably the one for you.

The plant we are talking about has an incredible genetics, which originates from the crossing of strains like the delicious Bubble Gum, the popular OG Kush and the productive Critical Auto. The result is this autoflowering with delicious taste and great power. Look and get to know some of its characteristics.


The Sticky Beast Automatic will offer you a unique experience that will surprise even veteran users. It inherits the best of its parents, from the sweet taste of the Bubble Gum, the powerful and long lasting effect of the OG Kush, part of the taste, and auto-flowering ability of the Critical Automatic.


This predominantly Indica hybrid variety contains about 16% THC. It will flood you with a relaxing and physical effect, perfect for a little rest. It also has a euphoric and stimulating side, ideal for those stressful days.

Growing aspects

Thanks to its autoflowering characteristics, this variety is easy to grow. Indoors this strain reaches heights of 40-80cm, perfect if you have a small space; in the best conditions, it is able to offer you up to 400g/m².

Outdoors it does not grow much either, around 60-100cm, and you will get a yield of 120-170g of dry bud per plant. Its complete life cycle, from seed germination to harvest, lasts 8 weeks.

Her sweet aroma is combined with some earthy touches, so your smoking experience will be a very pleasant one. You will not have anything to say.



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