Shark Shock a variety with resinous buds and easy to grow

Written by on 31 August, 2020

In the cannabis market there is a wide variety of strains of marijuana, each with particular characteristics that can satisfy all types of users.

When you are going to choose the variety of cannabis that you are going to smoke or grow, make sure that the strain you chose has the qualities you are looking for so that you can enjoy the results to the maximum.

If you are one of those who prefers to experience a physical and metal effect, the Shark Shock (regular) cannabis strain by Mr. Nice offers you that and more.

This plant is produced after the crossing of legendary varieties as the Skunk#1 and the famous White Widow. The result is the Shark Shock, a variety that produces a big quantity of resin in its dense heads and a fantastic aroma.

Growing Aspects

When you decide to grow your own cannabis you have to know, that is an activity that requires care and time, however, there are some varieties that need less attention than others do, so, if you are just entering the world of marijuana growing choose a strain easy to grow, the Shark Shock is precisely one of them.

This variety is ideal for the beginner growers and develops very well as well in inside as outdoors. Its period of bloom is approximately 40 to 50 days, and it will reward you with great harvests. In inside it produces between 500-600g/m², while in outside it reaches a yield of approximately 450-500g/plant.






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