Royal Runtz a hybrid strain with 27% THC and incredibly sweet

Written by on 7 March, 2021

When it comes to choosing a hybrid marijuana strain that gives you the best of both worlds, Royal Queen Seeds’ Royal Runtz strain will definitely blow you away.

Its high THC level (27%) and delicious flavors will provide an incredible trip to anyone who gives it a few hits. Say no more and learn more about this 50% sativa and 50% indica plant.

The Effect

The Royal Runtz strain is undeniably potent, and why not, if it comes from varieties such as Gelato and Zkittlez, plants loaded to the top of THC.

This flower can offer you a very intense effect that can affect both your body and mind, so take it easy.

Taste and Aroma

A joint rolled with this strain will be all you need to travel to another dimension. You will fall in love with its pleasant aroma that smells like fruit salad and what to say about its sweet and fruity taste.

A few puffs of this plant will make you want to use it again in your next 420 session.


Many marijuana users not only like to smoke their weed, but they are also passionate about planting their own Mary Jane. If you are one of them, then, the Royal Runtz strain might just catch your attention to grow.

For starters, this flower rewards you with fantastic yields both indoors and outdoors, it can reach a production of 450-500g/m² and 400-450g per plant, respectively. Moreover, its size is medium and its flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.




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