Recommended marijuana strains for indoor growing

Written by on 20 January, 2022

If you are going to grow your marijuana plants at home, it is likely that you will have to do it in a closet or grow room.

Generally, for this type of planting, you are looking for marijuana strains that are short and easy to maintain. Autoflowering strains and bush type indicas do not usually exceed 120cm in height and, therefore, their nature is compatible with small spaces.

If you are going to grow marijuana indoors, take a look at the following strains:

1- Special Kush

This strain is an excellent choice, although it can reach 1m indoors, it is possible to keep it at about 60cm.

Special Kush is attractive to some growers because of its fast flowering time of 7-8 weeks. On the other hand, the yield it offers is up to 475g/m².

This variety produces dense and frosty flowers covered with trichomes and decorated with beautiful orange pistils. Its buds will give you a moderate THC content of 17%.

2- Wedding Gelato

This plant has a THC level of up to 25%. When consumed, it will provide you with a long-lasting effect that will keep you in a euphoric and motivating state for hours.

This 60% indica strain grows incredibly well in small indoor spaces. With a height of 60-100cm, it is suitable for almost any grow room.

In terms of production, this variety is able to offer you a yield of up to 500g/m² after a flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

3- Northern Light

This prestigious variety of marijuana presents a pure indica genetics. Its dense flowers have a THC content of 18%, along with a wide and complex range of citrus, earthy, fruity and peppery terpenes.

Its bushy growth and medium size make it an ideal candidate for indoor growing.

This plant will also provide you with a high that calms and relaxes the body while keeping the mind clear and lucid.

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