Purple Queen Automatic: a delicious and ideal strain to relax

Written by on 24 August, 2020

Do you know the variety of cannabis Purple Queen Automatic, if not yet, then stay with us and discover some of the qualities that this variety offers you autoflowering created by the bank of seeds, Royal Queen Seeds.

The Purple Queen Automatic is a variety that you will not want to leave out when you choose strains to smoke or vaporize, because it is delicious.

The effect that it produces is perfect to fight those stressful days. Its effect will relieve the muscular tension, and in addition, it will fill you with euphoria.


The Purple Queen Automatic is a predominantly indica strain. This purple beauty is the result of the mixture of two strains of cannabis; we are talking about the Purple Queen with the Critical Auto.

Its purple and shining flowers are characterized by a smell of Skunk, fruits and critics and with each puff; you will feel a sweet, bitter and spicy taste. Its heads offer a content of THC of 16%.

Growing Aspects

This plant is perfect for growing in a small closet, as it does not take up much space.

In indoor growing this plant grows to a height of about 100cm, and produces up to 400g/m². Outdoors, however, this variety reaches a size of 140cm and generates a yield of up to 150g / plant.

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