Purple Lemonade, a strain with attractive purple buds and 22% of THC

Written by on 20 February, 2021

When it comes to choosing an autoflowering cannabis strain to smoke or grow, the Purple Lemonade strain from Fast Buds will blow your mind.

This beautiful purple plant can give you an uplifting effect with a very pleasant body relaxation, but say no more! Keep reading this post and find out other interesting details about this hybrid strain.

Appearance and THC percentage

Purple Lemonade is a 70% indica, 30% sativa strain, which can offer you a THC content of up to 22%, you can imagine the potency of this plant. This beautiful strain has purple buds contrasted by intense orange pistils.

Delicious taste

This marijuana strain can offer you a fantastic taste and aroma, any stoner would love to taste the wonderful flower that combines an exquisite sweet lemony taste, and you will feel like you are smoking a fresh lemonade.

Pleasant effects

This feminized pot flower is able to give you an effect with sativa hints and smooth body sensations.

Smokers will first experience an uplifting sensation that will keep them upbeat, then that effect will turn into a wave of body relaxation that won’t leave them anchored to the couch. This strain will be the best company during the day.


For the cannabis growers who are looking for a flower to grow, Purple Lemonade can represent an excellent alternative for its plantation.

You see, under the best conditions growers can expect a yield of approximately 400-500gr/m2.

Purple Lemonade grows vigorous and robust and can reach about 70-110cm in height.





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