Power Plant XL: a very productive cannabis strain that gives a euphoric Sativa high

Written by on 11 June, 2021

To enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis to the fullest, it is ideal that you choose the right marijuana strain. You can choose to buy your weed from a dispensary or consume the marijuana flowers you grow yourself.

If you still don’t know which cannabis strain to use to get high, this flower that we are going to present you will surely catch your attention. The best thing is that if you decide to grow it, you will be rewarded with large harvests.

Without any further details, the strain we are talking about is the Power Plant XL strain from Zambeza Seeds, this predominantly Sativa plant has a taste that derives from a delicious mix of sweet and sour tones with subtle hints of pine, and its THC level is about 20%.

Smokers looking for a strong, uplifting Sativa high will be delighted. The effect they will experience will be euphoric, intense, and uplifting. However, the high can also become more relaxed, especially if consumed in large quantities.

If you decide to grow this strain you should know that Power Plant XL is famous for its excellent yields of up to 600-750g/m² in indoor growing, while outdoors it can produce between 500-600g per plant.

Regarding the height of this marijuana strain indoors, it can reach 80-110cm, and outdoors it grows around 150-200cm, also, its flowering period is 55 days.



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