Peyote Cookies an indica variety

Written by on 7 August, 2020

There are cannabis growers, who prefer sativa varieties, but there are others who opt for the latter, if you’re one of those who likes the latter, you’re reading the right post, because on this occasion we will present the strain Peyote Cookies, (Indica dominance) and whose characteristics you will love.


As mentioned above, this variety with mostly Indica genes is the result of a mix between other cannabis strains, specifically Peyote Purple and the legendary Cookies Kush.

Barney’s Farm’s Peyote Cookies is very showy, as her flowers exhibit ruby and purple colors that are sure to catch your eye.

On the other hand, those who consume this variety will surely be delighted with its intense flavor of guava and earth, with vanilla and coffee shades. They will also experience its powerful, relaxing and long-lasting effect.


Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies is a vigorous, robust and easy-to-grow hybrid, and best of all, it is resistant to mold and fungus. It is also capable of growing magnificently in both indoor and outdoor growing.




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