Moon Rocks? To celebrate this 20/04/2020?

Written by on 20 April, 2020

If you don’t know what to do to celebrate this 20/04/2020 how are you used to it?… In MOTA we think about you!

We bring you the powerful “MOON ROCKS” for a good high at home, since there won’t be any festivals or meetings as usual to celebrate a “full joints” date. The fact that you can’t leave the house because of the #coronavirus, won’t stop you from spending a day of celebration with great cannabic delights.

Moon Rock has a high THC content of about 50%. It is considered the strongest variety of cannabis in the world. This amazing cannabis extract, consists of bathing the flower of high quality cannabis with hashish oil and kief batter.


How do you smoke it?

 – You must use your hands or scissors to break them carefully.

– You can use a pipe or bong with 60-80% THC, you won’t need much to start flying. With a small bowl to avoid wasting your material.

– Make your own marijuana joint and sprinkle some moon rock.



The Moon Rocks give you an intense, mind-blowing high.  They burn slowly, causing prolonged effects after a few puffs. Get ready to experience a stimulating euphoria, a h like never before.

Now you have something to celebrate this 20/04/2020! Treat yourself to a good joint or bong with this “Moon Rocks” cannabis artwork.

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