Mold resistant cannabis varieties

Written by on 18 May, 2020

If you live in an area where humidity is rampant, it is probably a little difficult to avoid it. It is very important to keep this aspect under control because otherwise, it can encourage the growth of mold and harm the cannabis grow.

However, it is also very helpful to have cannabis strains with a genetics that allows them to resist these pathogens. Here is a list of three strains that can meet this objective.

1) Peyote Cookies from Barneys Farm

This is a variety of robust and mold resistant features, and is derived from the cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. It has a very high resin production and offers quality harvests.

As for its effects, they are relaxing and long lasting, and its aroma is unique.

2) Stress killer Automatic

This strain comes from the combination of Lemon Shining Silver Haze, Juanita La Lagrimosa and Ruderalis. Its tolerance to humidity makes it perfect for these climates, because as we have said before, this environmental factor favors the formation of mold.

The genetics of Stress killer Automatic provides a powerful defense against these invaders by keeping it safe.

3) Eleven Roses by Delicious Seeds

This plant is the product of the combination between a female Sugar Black Rose and a male Appalachian Kush, which has an intense resin production that makes it resistant to mold and a THC level of around 25%.


Mold is a multicellular fungus that can affect cannabis plants not only during cultivation but also after harvest, so they should be checked carefully. Smoking marijuana with mold can be dangerous to your health, as doing so introduces millions of harmful microbial spores into the body, so it is not recommended.

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