Meet the Sherbet Queen Marijuana variety

Written by on 20 June, 2020

There are many strains of cannabis, different crosses and combinations, which seed banks have been making. This time we will talk about another of the varieties of this controversial plant, it is the Sherbet Queen.

A mostly indica plant

Sherbet Queen has a predominantly Indica genetics in a rather high percentage (85%), whose offspring comes from the cannabis variety Girl Scout Cookies.

Its incredible mix of flavors and aromas makes it perfect for those who like to prepare a little hashish. Its consumption produces an effect of euphoria and total relaxation.

Easy to grow

In addition, if you want to find a strain of marijuana that not only offers great experiences but is simple to grow, then this could be the one you are looking for, as this plant is capable of producing good harvests and has good growth in both indoor and outdoor.

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