Meet the Royal AK Automatic cannabis strain

Written by on 15 July, 2020

If you plan to grow a variety of cannabis and would like to do it in the shortest time possible, surely, an autoflowering strain will come in handy, that’s why we present the variety Royal AK Automatic, from the Royal Queen Seeds seed bank. Are you interested in knowing its qualities? Then stay with us and keep reading.


This variety descends from the cross between the AK47 and ruderalis genes. Its flowers produce a THC content of 15%. Very similar to the original, this autoflowering hybrid strain produces buds covered with a powerful resin.

The Royal AK Automatic will give you a pleasant and happy balanced high as well as a soft body stone. The aroma that characterizes this variety is mainly spicy and acidic.

Growing aspects

This variety is very easy to grow, so if you are just starting in the cannabis growing, this is a very good option to start with. In addition, it will be ready to harvest in just 9 to 10 weeks.

The Royal AK Automatic grows to a maximum height of about 80-100 cm; perfect for growing almost anywhere and the best thing is that in the right conditions can produce up to 160 grams per plant.






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