Meet the most productive autoflowering cannabis varieties

Written by on 24 October, 2021

Growing autoflowering cannabis can offer you several advantages, one of them is that this type of strain has a fast flowering period and is usually very resistant.

Although some time ago the autoflowering varieties were considered plants of marijuana of little productivity, the reality is that this tendency has been changing and now it is possible to obtain automatic strains with very good yields. Look at this post and know a top 3 of the most productive autoflowering varieties.

1- Northern Lights Autoflowering

The feminized Northern Lights Autoflowering cannabis strain from Zamnesia Seeds will not disappoint you, as this strain will reward you with a yield of up to 200g.

Its origin comes from the mixture between the popular Northern Lights and a ruderalis genetics. It inherits a delicious taste and a fantastic power. Perfect to grow in indoor and outdoor.

Its time of bloom is approximately 9 to 10 weeks. The sweet smoke that offers this variety, ideal to relax, will charm the novice smokers. In addition, medicinal users can benefit from this plant to free themselves from stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

2- Critical Kush Auto

This variety, from Barney’s Farm, will be ready in only 8 to 9 weeks. You will be charmed with its dense heads full of resin and with its harvests; these can reach 550g/m² when it is grown in indoor.

It’s delicious aroma of pine accompanies the taste of the famous Kush. Moreover, this variety is very easy to grow, so, it becomes an excellent choice for the novice growers.

3- Green Poison Auto

The Green Poison Auto, of Sweet Seeds, is a variety that can offer you a very sweet and fruity smoke, accompanied by a quite intense aroma. Perfect to relax on the couch.

Its characteristics autoflowering make it a variety that has a life cycle of 8 weeks, and can produce a return of between 35 and 200g / plant.

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