Meet the Cream Caramel, a strain with an incomparable taste

Written by on 24 November, 2020

If you are in search of a cannabis strain with excellent characteristics, this post is the right one for you. In this post, we will talk about the Cream Caramel marijuana strain from the Sweet Seeds seed bank, so make yourself comfortable and read with confidence.


In the cannabis world, it is more and more common to cross between different strains to give rise to another variety. Well, an example of it is the Cream Caramel of Sweet Seeds, which is born product of the mixture between the legendary varieties, Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.

The Cream Caramel is one of the most recognized and rewarded of the catalog of Sweet Seeds. Surely, you will love its characteristics.

Taste and aroma

The taste and aroma of this variety is very intense, sweet and caramel like candy, with a background of earthy tones. Therefore, those who consume the Cream Caramel will be able to enjoy and please the sense of taste and smell, without any inconvenience.


The plant, whose levels of THC are 15-20%, is ideal for the indoor growing and a super plant in plantations carried out outdoors.

Its structure is typical of the indica plants, by developing a robust stem of short internodal distance, a big central flower and many side branches.

The Cream Caramel also has percentages of CBD (1,6%). This plant rich in THC is the favorite of many medicinal users. Among the effects induced by this variety, there is a relaxing and antidepressant effect.

Technical note

Domestic Production: 400-550 g/m2

Foreign Production: 350-600 g/plant

Flowering time indoors: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: late September, early October

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