Meet the Big Devil #2 Auto cannabis strain

Written by on 20 August, 2020

If you are looking for a strain of cannabis that is auto-flowering, today you have several options to choose the one you like best and that suits your preferences.

As there are many varieties of auto-flowering marijuana, in this post we want to introduce you to one of these plants, to make it a little easier for you to decide. It is the Big Devil #2 Auto from Sweet Seeds, so keep reading because here we will present you some of its qualities.

Big Devil #2 Auto

This cannabis strain is the evolution of Big Devil Auto genetics. Its genes are indica, sativa and ruderalis, which give it several pleasant characteristics.

As for its THC levels, they are around 19-20%. If you use this strain, you will enjoy its sweet and incense aromas with touches of Skunk.


This tall, feminized plant is more productive and aromatic than its previous version. The Big Devil is able to provide resinous and compact buds with numerous side branches.

Indoors it can reach a production of 400-600 g/m2, and in outdoor growing, it could produce 50-300 g/plant.










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