Meet RQS and Zamnesia’s limited edition ZZ Punch

Written by on 1 June, 2020

The ZZ Puch strain is an indica that brings together the best qualities of Sweet ZZ and Purple Punch, and originated after the union of two of the most important seed banks in the cannabis market, Royal Queens Seeds and Zamnesia.

Yes! As you are reading, both breeders joined forces and created a strain that causes a powerful high and an exquisite taste, so stay with us and learn more about this limited edition variety.

ZZ Punch has a very high THC level, about 22%, amazing. The effect is a fast acting high, perfect for relaxing in the company of friends.

Taste and Aroma

As we mentioned at the beginning, the fruit, caramel and berry flavor that characterizes this variety is delicious, and what can we say about the aroma that it produces, a marvel!

Its pleasant taste is perfect for preparing delicious food at home.


The ZZ Punch generates large harvests of compact, frosted buds. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Indoors, it produces up to 500g/m² after about 65 days of flowering. Outdoors, her harvests are just as impressive, but growers will have to wait a little longer to harvest this plant.

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