Meet 3 varieties of cannabis ideal for outdoor growing

Written by on 27 September, 2020

Outdoors growing can bring you several advantages; one of them is that your marijuana plants can have more space to develop freely, so you could enjoy a much better yield.

If you do not know which variety to choose, do not worry, here we indicate you some strains of cannabis, of Royal Queen Seeds, ideal to grow outdoors.

1- Honey Cream Fast Flowering

This variety of cannabis is great; it will call your attention by its great sweet and creamy aroma.

The buds of the Honey Cream are sweet and powerful. If you grow it outside under the right conditions, it reaches a height of 180 to 250cm and is capable of producing a yield of up to 675g per plant.

This variety has a genetic origin that combines strains like BlueBack, MapleLeaf Indica and the White Rhino, and has a level of THC of 16%. You will be fascinated by it!

2- Fat Banana

The Fat Banana cannabis strain is another ideal variety to grow outdoors, as it can reward you with a yield of up to 500g per plant by mid-September.

This variety Kush is immensely powerful, and can reach a level of THC of up to 25%. Her effect starts with a wave of euphoria and then you will feel a body stone followed by a relaxing experience. In addition, you will be delighted by its sweet and incredible taste.

3- Speedy Chile Fast Flowering

The Speedy Chile is a great option for outdoor growing. It will reward you with delicious buds with fruit and pine flavors, and a THC level of 16%, which will give you a relaxing high. You can expect a harvest of up to 500 grams per plant.

This variety is produced after the crossing of strains like Early Skunk x Skunk and Chile Indica. Ideal for expert and beginners growers.

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