Marula Fruit Regular: a relaxing plant

Written by on 14 July, 2020

If you are looking for a strain that can give you a relaxing effect, look no further than Marula Fruit Regular, a variety of African origin.

Predominantly Indica

This plant has an indica dominance of 75%, and 25% sativa genes that give it unique characteristics. As we have mentioned before, the Marula Fruit variety has roots in Africa, and it is precisely from there that it derives its name, which was designated by the Marula tree found on that continent.

This strain is the result of the combination of a plant from the nation of Mozambique with a very potent indica variety from Mendocino County, California.


With just a few small puffs, the cannabis user will activate his parasympathetic system. With it, you will be able to relax your muscles and leave stress behind; it also serves to give your mind a rest. This strain is recommended to consume better at night, unless you decide to give yourself a day of rest.

Its flowers offer an average level of at least 20% THC resulting in a long lasting effect that sets in quickly. On the other hand, thanks to its physical effect that relieves pain, anxiety and combats stress, it can also represent an alternative for medicinal consumers.


Marula Fruit is very resistant and easy to grow, so you will surely be able to plant it without many inconveniences, as it also develops well in almost any environment.

Its fruity, earthy, tropical flavors and delicious notes of cherry and cotton candy delight the palate.












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