Marijuana strains perfect for the ScrOG technique

Written by on 24 September, 2021

When it comes to improving the results of the growing, applying the ScrOG technique is a very good alternative.

ScrOG is a method that uses meshes or nets to guide the growth of the plant.

As such, it is recommended to carry out this technique in those genetics that tends to branch more, as is the case of Sativa strains. It is also important to mention that this can be done both from cuttings and seeds.

Cannabis strains are ideal to apply the ScrOG technique

Bruce Banner #3

This variety, from Zamnesia Seeds, offers great potency as well as good harvests. Its buds are aromatic, combining hints of fresh citrus and sweet berries. You can also expect THC concentrations of up to 27%.

This plant is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid that finishes flowering in approximately 63 to 70 days. This strain is ideal for ScrOG setups. The Brice Banner #3 plant can offer you yields of up to 400g / m².

Green Gelato

Green Gelato is an excellent strain from Royal Queen Seeds. This slightly Sativa dominant hybrid will fascinate you.
This strain can offer you a sweet, fresh, and minty aroma that is strangely reminiscent of Italian ice cream.

In terms of growing this strain can take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to reach flowering, also, this strain is capable of producing massive yields of up to 700gr / m². It is also a very good choice to carry out the ScrOG technique.


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