Marijuana strains easy to grow

Written by on 3 September, 2021

Choosing the right cannabis strain to grow can always make a difference. If you are starting your growth, opting for simple genetics will help you a lot.

Review with us some marijuana strains easiest to grow, perfect for beginner growers.

1- Purple Punch from Zamnesia Seeds

This cannabis plant can produce top-quality buds, and the best thing is that it is so easy to grow.

It has a flowering period of 8 weeks and can produce up to 650g/m². Outdoors can produce around 800g per plant.

The Purple Punch will fascinate you; it has a THC level of about 21%, it is very potent, and its effect is super relaxing. Its sweet taste of apple pie flavored with red fruits, cherries, and cloves will make it become your favorite variety.

2- Auto Power Plant of Dutch Passion

This variety grows very well in a wide range of conditions and growing mediums. The yields you can get are abundant; beginner indoor growers can expect harvests of 50 grams or more from plants grown in soil under normal conditions. Indoors it takes 10 to 11 weeks from germination to harvest.

Its buds filled with a shiny layer of trichomes will make you fall in love and what to say about the incredible fruity and spicy aroma they have.

3- Blue Monster Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds

This automatic marijuana plant is easy to grow. It will delight both novice and experienced growers.

Only 9 weeks from seed to harvest, it produces up to 475g/m² of juicy buds indoors. While outdoors, it can offer you harvests of up to 110g per plant.

The Blue Monster Automatic is a variety that will reward you with delicious buds that provide a relaxing effect with a pleasant cerebral touch. Its compact size is 40-70cm in height; it is ideal for those small grow rooms.


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