Marijuana strains are ideal for growing on a windowsill 

Written by on 29 March, 2022

Just as marijuana grows well outdoors or indoors, it can also grow well on a windowsill. And if you have little space to grow your cannabis plants, this place is ideal to start setting up your growth.

In a window sill, you can place a few strains of cannabis, therefore, you must choose the most suitable marijuana strain.

For your windowsill cannabis grow to be successful and hassle-free, choose compact cannabis strains that don’t grow too tall and are also recommended for limited growing spaces.

Autoflowering strains are a good alternative as they usually do not require a lot of space to grow. Avoid tall sativa strains as they need a lot of space to develop properly.

Also, keep in mind that on a windowsill you will not have enough control over the lighting to force a photoperiodic strain to flower, while autoflowering plants flower regardless of the light cycle, as they do so automatically when they reach a certain age.

Recommended strains for growing on a windowsill

Jack Herer Auto 

This plant, from Green House Seeds, will give you very good results. It usually has a maximum height of only 80 cm indoors, so it is great for Mary Jane crops in the window.

Jack Herer Auto is a fast marijuana strain, ready to harvest in only 9 to 10 weeks. It will offer you harvests of up to 120g of buds.

This strain has the same effects as the original Jack Herer and a THC level of 20%. It will be a real injection of energy.

Power plant XL Autoflowering

This plant, indica dominant, is the autoflowering version of the original Power Plant XL. This variety will be ready to harvest 8 weeks after sowing the seeds. It will offer you buds loaded with 15% THC.

Power Plant XL Autoflowering develops slightly less dense buds, which makes it less susceptible to bud rot and other fungi.

Extreme Impact Auto 

If you have little experience in growing, this variety is suitable for you as it is usually easy to grow. This strain is characterized by being robust and stress-resistant.

With a height of only 80 cm, Extreme Impact Auto is also perfect for placing next to your window. In addition, this plant has a THC level of 21%, which is potent, perfect for nighttime use. It will produce a relaxation of body and mind.



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