Mango Sapphire, an easy to grow strain with a high THC level

Written by on 27 February, 2021

If you are just starting to grow your own marijuana or simply want to save yourself more work on your next grow, it is ideal to choose a cannabis strain that is easy to grow.

A perfect candidate to consider the next time you want to choose a Mary Jane strain is the Mango Sapphire plant from Humboldt Seed Organization. Why? Well, there are many reasons for that read on and learn about some of them.

High THC

This feminized indica-dominant strain can reach a THC level of 21 to 23%. This flower is potent; it also provides a long-lasting calming effect.

Genetics and aroma

Mango Sapphire is a cannabis plant that is characterized by an incredible aroma and flavor, you will find notes of exotic fruits, coconut and mango with hints of sour fruit. Its genetic origin comes from strains like Bubba’s Gift and OG/Afghan X.


This plant has an unparalleled coloring, besides being very powerful, it is also very easy to grow and the best thing is that it develops well indoors and outdoors, a marvel!

With this strain, you can expect an indoor yield of approximately 400-600 g/m, while outdoors the production can reach 1000-2000 g/plant. In addition, the harvest could be harvested at the end of September.




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