Lemon-flavored cannabis varieties

Written by on 25 July, 2020

The lemon is one of the most used fruits to prepare refreshing drinks, its aroma and essence are delicious, so it is not strange that you like the idea that your cannabis has that citric taste and aroma that you like so much.

Fortunately, many varieties contain terpenes such as limonene, which is the component that gives the citrus taste to marijuana. Look at some lemon-flavored strains.

1- Lemon Kush

The Lemon Kush will delight you, it stands out for its sweet lemon and citrus flavors that blend very well with earthy Kush nuances.

This strain has beautiful green buds that are covered with trichomes and will offer you a stimulating and creative effect.  This strain is ideal for those stressful days.

The genetics of this variety depends on the breeder, for example Alien Genetics, mixes the Lemon G with an Afghani Kush.

2- Super Lemon Haze

This is one of the best lemon-flavored varieties. The Super Lemon Haze is descended from strains like the Lemon Skunk and the Silver Haze.

This variety from Greenhouse Seeds contains a THC level of about 19.33%. It will offer you a cerebral experience, and then go through a state of bodily relaxation and longevity.

The Super Lemon Haze has a great citrus flavour, with aromatic notes of lemon and lime, which will give you a unique experience.

If you are interested in growing it, you will not have anything to complain about, its production is outstanding, and indoors you can get up to 800 grams per square meter, while outdoors can produce up to 1.2 kg per plant.

3- Amnesia Lemon

The Amnesia Lemon strain of cannabis from Barney’s Farm is another option to consider if you are looking for a lemon-flavored strain.

The genetics of this variety is amazing, nothing more and nothing less than the combination between the Skunk # 1 with the famous Amnesia Haze.

The Amnesia Lemon, is a powerful strain that offers you strong effects, you will feel a cerebral and psychedelic experience and then a pleasant relaxation. This plant is perfect for beginner growers as it is very hardy.






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