Legendary Cannabis Strains

Written by on 12 December, 2021

If you are of the consumers of marijuana who prefers the most classic varieties of cannabis, that is to say, those which have passed to the history and have remained between the favorites of the smokers, this article is ideal for you, because we will present you immediately a top 3 of legendary varieties.

Many of these strains have been used for years, in the hybridization with other genetics, to give place to exceptional varieties, with unique characteristics. Well, the truth is that you don’t have to be a traditional person to enjoy these beauties.

1) Acapulco Gold

In the cannabis world today there is a great diversity of strains of marijuana, however, there is one in particular, which does not go out of fashion: the Acapulco Gold, a variety of Mexican origin.

This plant dominantly Sativa (70% of genetics sativa and 30% of indica), blooms with central heads, firm, thick, and full of resin. It is able to give a content of THC of at least 23% and a sweet taste.

2) Amnesia Haze

If legendary varieties are the Amnesia Haze could not miss, this strain is among the most famous. This hybrid plant (dominantly sativa), possesses incomparable characteristics, not for nothing, it is a winner of various prizes.

Its high THC and powerful effect, mainly cerebral, is not recommended for consumers beginners (it is necessary to know how to control the mind, otherwise it can play a bad trick on you), so be careful. Do not underestimate its strength, the Amnesia Haze can sometimes act slowly taking up to 15 minutes to get all its strength, so go, little by little, and do not exceed. This plant also has therapeutic qualities.

3) Afghani 1#

Sensi Seeds’ Afghani #1 (Feminized) is one of the most popular strains in the world of cannabis. Her thick buds will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This plant is also capable of delighting growers by offering robust, fast flowering plants with thick buds.

This plant is also available as regular strains. The Afghani 1# is a powerful variety, with a bodily effect, very relaxing, sensual and long lasting. It can also become ideal for therapeutic matters.

We advise you to make sure that you have finished your tasks before consuming it because this strain will probably leave you chained to the sofa.

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