Learn more about the Special Queen 1 cannabis strain

Written by on 30 July, 2020

While there are many strains of cannabis, each has particular characteristics that make it unique. This time we present you the Royal Queen Seeds Special Queen 1. So read on.

Perfect for beginners growers

The Special Queen 1 is a classic Skunk, ideal for the cannabis growers with little experience, in marijuana plantations, and do not want to spend a lot of money on experimental growing.

This plant is relatively easy to grow, has low maintenance and is suitable for any planting technique. Indoors it usually grows 1.4 meters and outdoors, this plant grows over 2.7 meters tall.


The Special Queen available in feminized seeds has a flowering time of about 8 weeks. In addition, in those who consume it causes the classic Skunk high. Mainly in the head, this plant can offer a euphoric and relaxing high.

In addition, this strain also provides long lasting and intense effects. Moreover, its buds can have THC levels of 18%.

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