Learn more about the Mexican Sativa strain

Written by on 8 July, 2020

Among cannabis growers, predominantly Sativa plants are in high demand, so this time we are talking about a native Sensi Seeds strain named Mexican Sativa.


If you are looking for a plant that can thrive in cold climates, Mexican Sativa could be very useful. This plant also has other relevant characteristics that you will surely like because it has a great resistance to pests and produces medium sized harvests.

Because it grows so much, this variety is recommended for outdoor growing, as it is a bit complicated to contain its height in indoor plantations.

With regard to its flowering period, this is at least 50-70 days; enough time to obtain a rewarding harvest of buds with various fragrances and flavors of aniseed and sandalwood, and much more, with a euphoric effect, and a clear, inspired and clean Sativa high.


The Mexican Sativa is a regular marijuana seed strain, which is born after its breeders have hybridized a Mexican variety from Oaxaca with the Durban and a Pakistani hashish flowering plant. The resulting hybrid was also mixed with the original Oaxaca genetics-giving rise to this strain.

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