Know the variety of cannabis Mimosa Champagne of Female Seeds

Written by on 1 September, 2020

In the world cannabis exists an infinity of strains of marijuana. There are sativas, indicas, ruderalis and those, which are the result of a mixture. Which to choose, well that depends a lot, on what you are looking for, because each one has various characteristics.

To make your search a little easier, we want to speak to you about the qualities of the variety of cannabis Mimosa Champagne of Female Seeds. So continue reading.


The Mimosa Champagne marijuana strain is the product of the cross between the Symbiotic Genetics Mimosa and a Champagne Kush. Its genes are predominantly sativa.


This plant has an incredible visual appeal thanks to the intense colors it develops. Its buds are medium to large in size, dense and covered with white trichomes.

The Mimosa Champagne has traits inherited from its Indian lineage; therefore, it does not grow too much and does not branch out much. This plant is a variety that requires a food rich in nutrients and specific doses of them, as for example, in its vegetative stage it needs a good contribution of nitrogen.

Those who consume this plant will feel it is energetic, edifying, stimulating, intense, sedative, social effect and many more. This plant has high levels of limonene and linalol, and is the perfect companion during the day, ideal for enjoying the morning.





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