Killer Kush F1 Fast Version, a fast, aromatic and very potent cannabis strain

Written by on 1 February, 2021

When it comes to choosing a cannabis strain, whether to smoke or to grow, it is ideal that you are clear about what you are looking for.

If what you want, is a marijuana strain that is very potent and that flowers fast when planted, then the Killer Kush F1 Fast Version cannabis strain from Sweet Seeds seedbank will please you a lot.

Stay with us and know some details of this feminized and photodependent version strain.

Genetics OG Kush

The Mary Jane strain comes from one of the most popular strains among the stoner community, we are talking about the OG Kush. Yes, that well known strain was joined to a 3rd generation auto selected, and because of this crossbreeding, the Killer Kush F1 Fast Version was born.

This plant, indica dominant, is very potent; its THC level can reach 18 to 25%. Moreover, what to say about the fragrance it gives off; this variety has a sweet, citrus and sour aroma with hints reminiscent of aromas of the Chem Dawg-Diesel family.


When you grow the Killer Kush F1 Fast Version, you will be surprised by its big aromatic buds full of trichomes. Its flowering is fast; indoors it takes about 7 weeks. Perfect for growers who need to get their harvest as soon as possible.

Outdoors this plant can reward you with a production of 350-600 g/plant, while indoors you can expect up to 400-600 g/m2.


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