Kees’ Old School Haze a 100% sativa strain

Written by on 22 July, 2020

If you are one of the growers who prefers genetically Sativa cannabis strains in their entirety, you are reading the right post, as this time we will be talking about the characteristics of the Kees’ Old School Haze from Super Sativa Seed Club.


This genetics chosen from classic Haze with more than 35 years of history is a plant that promises wonderful harvests to those who have the ability to master its features of the old school. Specifically, it is derived from a backcross between the S1 Old School Haze and Old School Haze cannabis strains; resulting in a strain with sensational characteristics.

This variety has high levels of THC, and for its organoleptic properties, the first puff will transport you back to the 80s.

In addition, those who consume it, of course, can enjoy some buds that provide a flavor with citrus notes and a musky flavor reminiscent of ammonia.

In turn, you can experience a strong, psychedelic and euphoric effect accompanied by a sense of well-being.


This plant is available in regular seeds; and as far as growing this variety requires patience, care and experience. For its buds to reach their full potential, the Kees’ Old School Haze needs very stable conditions. Ideally, it keep at a constant temperature of 25-26°C and provided with the right environment.


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