Ideal marijuana strains to smoke and relax after work

Written by on 10 January, 2022

When you spend a busy and stressful day at work, nothing better than getting home and smoking a good joint to relax.

As you may know, cannabis is a perfect ally to achieve moments of relaxation.

Here is a list of strains that are particularly effective in relieving stressful days.

1- Blue Cheese

There is nothing better to relieve the stress of a difficult day than the calming effect of an indica; you will love this strain.

This strain is precisely an indica-dominant marijuana plant. It has a THC level of 19%; it will relax your body with ease. Its medium CBD levels will contribute to a general feeling of well-being.

2- Royal Dwarf

This variety produces harvests of flowers that will induce a subtle, soothing, and lucid cerebral effect. The trichomes of its buds produce a psychoactive resin with THC levels of 13%.

The Royal Dwarf variety, sativa dominant, is the perfect strain for when you get home after a day of work.

3- Royal Medic

This strain offers a myriad of therapeutic effects. The THC levels of this strain are around 10%, which provides a subtle effect that will keep you lucid and clear-headed.

Also, when you smoke its flowers, the effect it produces is slightly psychoactive and highly relaxing. It will become the best company for you.

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