Garlic Mist Regular a genetically balanced hybrid

Written by on 31 May, 2020

This Royal Queen Seeds cannabis strain called Garlic Mist Regular is the result of combining other strains such as the Original Garlic Bud and the 100×100 Cali Sativa Haze.

Genetic balance

We refer to Garlic Mist Regular as a hybrid with balanced genes, precisely because its genetic profile is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, thus offering characteristics of both worlds.

In terms of its effects, it usually causes a high that affects both the body and the mind. By smoking the buds of this plant, you live an electric and cerebral experience and then, you feel a relaxing and euphoric state.

Growing this variety

This type of strain, in particular when grown indoors, is capable of producing harvests of about 600g/m², after a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, and can easily grown in small cabinets.  On the other hand, in outdoor plantations it can produce up to 700g per plant.

Garlic Mist provides a THC level (psychoactive component) of 19%, and produces tall, thick colas full of trichomes. It also offers peculiar flavors ranging from citrus, sweet and spicy.







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