Fruit Spirit: the cannabis strain that gives you a stimulating high

Written by on 22 May, 2020

Surely, you have heard of the Royal Queen Seeds feminized strain of marijuana Fruit Spirit; if not yet, then look at this post to learn about some of its qualities.

This variety is produced by crossing two very popular and respected strains in the marijuana world, the White Widow and the Blueberry. The result of this mix will become your favorite plant.

With a sativa dominance of 60%, this strain has a THC level of 18%, it is without doubt an ideal choice if you are looking for a stimulating and motivating high, perfect for any time of day.

The smoke offered by Fruit Spirit is truly extraordinary, each puff envelops you in waves of sweet blueberry flavor, and what can we say about the delicious aroma it gives off.

Growing aspects

You will not regret choosing this strain, outdoors it is capable of stretching up to 2m high and producing about 475-525g per plant. It will reward you with dense, frosted buds. Ideal for growing in hot climates, or even the tropics.

Indoors it does not usually exceed 1m in height and has a yield of approximately 375-425g/m² under a 600W light. Its flowering period is about 8 weeks.


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