Find out more about the Red Poison Auto cannabis strain

Written by on 3 August, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are many different strains of marijuana, which vary in THC levels, effects, colors and of course, sizes and flavors. In this opportunity, we present you the Red Poison Auto from Sweet Seeds.


This autoflowering plant was born because of hybridization between the Green Poison variety, an exotic autoflowering genetics, and Pakistani Kush ancestors, whose flowers are purple.


The Red Poison Auto develops a strong stem, side branches (long and flexible) and compact buds filled with resin, so it is sure to please many cannabis users.

This strain grows to look like an Indica-Sativa hybrid. They can reach a yield of 400-550 g/m2 (indoors) and in outdoor growing a yield of 35-175 g/plant.

In addition, this plant with ruderalis, indica and sativa genes has a very showy appearance and offers consumers intense and pleasant aromas and flavors, sweet and fruity with a soft background of Skunk.

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